“If we had the slightest consciousness of social responsibility instead of a private subconscious totally inadequate to our technology, we would teach our children in our schools how to protect themselves against media and advertisement fallout.”

-Marshall McLuhen

They call this “The Information Age.” Yet it feels like it’s become harder than ever to get the right information.That’s because information channels in today’s society are inadequate to the level of corruption and manipulation that goes on in today’s society. Whether informed via newspaper, television, or online, the information you receive is likely being dragged through a filter. Actually, more like multiple filters. The partisan politics filter. The Establishment filter. The censorship filter. The conspiracy filter. The marketing filter. The patriotic filter. The politically correct filter. And so on. That’s how, as Marshall McLuhen most famously said, the medium is the message. Still. Today, some of the biggest giants in media, social and mass communications---Facebook, Reddit, Twitter---are constantly and continuously censoring material permitted on their websites.

DeepSee.io is going to change that.

America needs a nonpartisan, transparent medium powered by high levels of community involvement. We don’t need better algorithms for generating feeds, we need better algorithms for detecting bots, PR firms, and manipulation. America needs a platform that is brave and transparent enough to be critiqued by its users. It does not need another company that prizes cutthroat crony capitalism over democracy and the free-feeling exchange of ideas.

Our Team

Travis Garland

CEO & Founder

3+ Years at machine learning startups, 3+ years growth marketing. Prev: Researcher + Growth @PhotoKharma Inc

Travis Wright


Host @VentureBeat podcast, columnist for @Inc @VentureBeat CMO @CCPDigital Ex: SMO @Norton

Andrew Duck


15+ years of technical leadership exp.Prev: CTO @Zinio, Founder/CTO @Atlantic Media

Kazi Shezan

Data Scientist

5+ Year Software Development experience, Prev: Data Scientist @Infolytx @DataRobin

Peter Vu

UI/UX Designer

3+ Years of UI/UX design experience working at AT&T & Tail Light.

Tom Siebert


10+ Years experience as award-winning journalist, PR & marcomm specialist, TV’s. “Shark Week” creator.

Ryan Oaks


6+ Years as a Full Stack Developer, previously @Sprig, @Plantir, @Bethesda