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What is DeepSee?

DeepSee is an all-in-one media platform that is revolutionizing content aggregation, distribution, verification, and monetization. DeepSee makes use of artificial intelligence, decentralized communities, and the blockchain to create the most powerful yet flexible platform of it's kind. The goal of DeepSee is the build a global village of the highest value and integrity.
The panel is your customizable "front page" of DeepSee. It combines the major sections of DeepSee in one place, populated with filtered feeds, recommendations, friend updates, leaderboards, and more.
The platform is equipped with a powerful video hosting feature that allows content creators to upload their videos, podcasts, music, and more. User can rate videos, leave comments, and read the feedback of others.
DeepSee comes equipped with a Medium-esque hosting hub for articles, blogs, news, and more. Content creators can write pieces using our powerful text editor while users can rate, comment, share, and even annotate.
DeepSee lays host to advanced user generated and verified communities that are similar to Reddit. Communities allow users to keep up with the daily trending content, questions, links, and discussions. Through filters, search features, tags, paid users/moderators, forums, and A.I, our communities give tremendous power and flexibility to our users.
DeepSee Panel Screenshot DeepSee Profile Screenshot
Quick, informal, and viral forms of communication are important. DeepSee incorporates 300 character user updates than can contain text, links, pictures, and videos.
Content creators can form networks to which they can publish their material. Networks can recruit other users to do the same, where everyone can publish, annotate, and review content collectively.
DeepSee supports various levels of verification, from DeepSee verified to anonymous. In addition, certain professionals can have their professions verified, giving them greater credibility and "clout" in certain areas of the site, including content creation and commenting.
Ad Platform
DeepSee utilizes an advertisement platform that is tied directly to our token CurrentSee. The DeepSee team makes use of artificial intelligence, tags, and profiles as a means of serving quality advertisements. Users will have the option of removing these advertisements through a premium subscription.
What is CurrentSee?
CurrentSee isn't just some junk coin. It's a digital asset directly backed by services on the platform. Advertising is a high demand/large volume service that, given the appropriate metrics, can be traded much like a commodity. The value of CurrentSee is directly tied to the size of the DeepSee community--thus ALL holders of CurrentSee have huge incentives to participate in the community and recruit others to the platform.
Our TimeLine
Our Team

Travis Garland

Chief Executive Officer

3+ years at machine learning startups, 3+ years growth marketing.
Prev: Researcher + Growth @PhotoKharma Inc

Kazi Shezan

Data Scientist

5+ years Software Development Experience
Prev: Data Scientist @Infolytx @DataRobin

Travis Wright

Chief Marketing Officer

Host @VentureBeat podcast, columnist for @Inc @VentureBeat
CMO @CCPDigital Prev: SMO @Norton

Matt Hrushka

Chief Technology Officer

Award winning technologist and author of “The Ad War(2014)”. Back-end developer of the Myspace team and negotiated a 900m deal with the company

Tom Siebert

Head of Public Relations

10+ years experience as award winning journalist, PR & marcomm specialist, TV's "Shark Week" creator.

Peter Vu

UX/UI Architect

4+ years of UI/UX design experience working at AT&T & Tail Light

Joel Comm

Chief Evangelist

NY Times best-selling author, speaker, marketing strategist, technologist, futurist and @BadCrypto co-host

Adryenn Ashley

Chief of Disruption

Award winning actress, author and film makers with a passion for all areas and media formats. Founder of Loly LLC as well as being a successful social influencer with a 100m+ reach.

Bill Saxton

Full-stack Developer

18+ years of software development and leading teams, working with a multitude of program languages, at Sun Microsystems and Oracle Corporation.

Our Advisors

Matt Mckibbin


Decentralization and blockchain entrepreneur. Co-founder of Ubitquity LLC. VP of Business Development at Family Office.

Tony Simonovsky


Serial entrepreneur and a growth hacker with a focus on ICOs. In 2017 he joined KickICO to help platform increase exposure of its upcoming ICO to crypto-investors around the world by means of growth marketing.

Nick Haase


Founder and CEO of Loot a startup paving the way for the future of marketing. Nick is also the co-founder of StartupDrugz and has a rich background in consulting, speaking, VR/AR and medical devices.

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