DeepSee is a community-driven content authentication and monetization platform powered by blockchain, AI, and radical transparency.
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DeepSee seeks to be the platform at the center of media analysis, discovery, verification, clarification and monetization. DeepSee does this by weaving the most important mediums of communication into a symbiotic network that incentivizes the best people to get involved in a wide variety of roles. Whether you're looking to create, organize, communicate, contribute--it doesn't matter There is a place for you to not only make a difference, but make a name and get rewarded.
What Do We Offer?
DeepSee Platform
Whether you're looking to create, organize, communicate, contribute--it doesn't matter. There is a place for everyone to not only make a difference, but make a name and get rewarded.
CurrentSee is DeepSee's cryptocurrency, powered by block chain. It is the coin we are using to raise our ICO. A predetermined amount will be sold at the platform's ICO to power the development of the entire company. When CurrentSee is deposited on DeepSee, it becomes "Current."
Promotion Platform
DeepSee's promotion platform is the primary driver behind CurrentSee. CurrentSee is used to purchase side panel ads, article advertisements and video advertisements.
DeepSee is the platform CurrentSee and the Ad exchange were created to serve. DeepSee is unique because it delivers multiple mediums, channels, and areas users can choose to discover and even create content.
Similar to Reddit, Communities act as the backbone of the platform. Communities are user-generated and act as the nexus for content and discussions revolving around a certain event, place, topic, etc. Communities also pay moderators and users for their activity!
Creators can upload their own videos, easily monetize them, and leverage other areas of the platform to get viewers.
Articles & Blogs
Similar to Medium.com, this area of DeepSee allows users to create professional articles, blogs, etc. The area also comes with advanced discovery options and the ability to monetize content.
Users have a multitude of options that enable them to choose their level of privacy. Industry professionals, leaders, celebrities and others looking to use DeepSee as a platform can opt to go through the verification process, which rewards tags [note: Is 'tags' appropriate here?] based on verifiable skills/identity.
Similar to Twitter, shouts act as a short (300 character) and informal means of communication on the platform. Users can upload pics, videos, follow friends or celebrities, or simply as a means of discovering trends and what's hot.
DeepSee has an internal mod team in addition to community mod teams. Both platform and community mods are held to the highest standards, with public complaint boards, anti-tamper algorithms, and public block chain ledgers, in addition to many other security features.
What is CurrentSee?
CurrentSee isn't just some junk coin, but a digital asset that is directly backed by services on the platfrom. Advertising is a service in high demand, volume, in addition to metrics that enable the service to trade much like a commodity. The value of CurrentSee is directly tied to the size of the DeepSee community. Thus all holders of CurrentSee have a huge incentive to recruit users to the platform.
Closed loop ad infrastructure
The DeepSee Team

Travis Garland

Chief Executive Officer

3+ years at machine learning startups, 3+ years growth marketing.
Prev: Researcher + Growth @PhotoKharma Inc

Kazi Shezan

Data Scientist

5+ years Software Development Experience, Prev: Data Scientist @Infolytx @DataRobin

Travis Wright

Chief Marketing Officer

Host @VentureBeat podcast, columnist for @Inc @VentureBeat
CMO @CCPDigital Ex: SMO @Norton

Andrew Duck

Cheif Technology Officer

15+ years of technical leadership
exp Prev: CTO @Zinio,
Founder/CTO @Atlantic Media

Tom Siebert

Head of Public Relations

10+ years experience as award winning journalist, PR & marcomm specialist, TV's "Shark Week" creator.

Peter Vu

UX/UI Architect

4+ years of UI/UX design experience working at AT&T & Tail Light

Joel Comm

Chief Evangelist

Joel Comm is a NY Times best-selling author, speaker, marketing strategist, technologist, futurist & @BadCrypto co-host

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